Image Credit, Steven Katz for Framingham State University

I think myself a competent teacher. I’ve been able to learn a lot in my time in Korea, and I think I’ve worked hard to make a learning experience out of everything I’ve done. But, as I’ve learned more, I’ve also come to realize just how much room to grow remains. By becoming a better teacher, I have met other better teachers. And by meeting other better teachers, I am reminded that there is always something new, some way to change, some way to grow.

I have loved the use of technology in the classroom. I’ve dabbled in Prezi, experimented with blogs (this one you’re looking at), tested myself against the fires of a game-ified classroom (thanks Matt). However, beyond the Google Sheets I use to manage my grades and some of the above, I struggle with the how. I teeter on the edge of implementation for fear of doing it wrong or being a detriment to my students by going in haphazardly. And, so frequently, I never follow through.

This course will offer me an opportunity. I intend to follow through, and already, this course has offered me numerous ideas. I will be leaving this course with a few more tools to equip my arsenal, to make myself a better-rounded teacher, one who has learned along his journey from his equals and his betters.

When the dust settles and one more course bites the proverbial dust, I won’t be teetering on the edge of implementation. This course, above all others perhaps, will offer tangible tools for my classroom, ways to enrich myself and the education of my students one new experience at a time.