Photo by Katelyn Kenderdine, licensed under CC BY 2.0

To be honest, I’ve never really considered what my digital footprint would look like. In my head, so long as I didn’t come off as a complete jerk or ruin my professional reputation, I was fine.

It wasn’t until the first articles for this course crossed my computer screen that I had considered the scope. The notion hit me that lurking in a deep dark corner of the internet playing role of voyeur might not cut it. Even worse, the image I cast myself as might suggest the worst possible: I’m technologically illiterate (gasp).

And so, today starts the arduous journey to establishing a digital presence, kick starting a stagnant heartbeat, and putting some history to my name. Doing so means making the extra effort to stay keyed in, to connect, to read, to comment. And, finally, to broaden my network some.

I just need to remember one thing: baby steps.