I feel like I’ve seen the sentiment expressed from nearly every blog I’ve read the last few days from my Masters cohort: intellectual property seems to matter a great deal more when that intellectual property is one’s own.

And of course.

I value my ideas, my expression of these ideas, my work. But to what end? Everything is a Remix, the short series on copyright and creativity, presents a problem. Does copyright stifle creativity? Does it restrain potential, does it mute progress? In a society where money reigns supreme, it seems natural that a company would fight tooth and nail to make sure an income stream like Mickey Mouse stays unclogged and flowing.

These companies go even further at times, destroying reputation and financial security over what might very well just be an innocent mistake. Now, I do admit, a large number of these cases are sensible; these corporations seek to protect themselves from greater harm were a particular action, like say downloading a video illegally, were to become commonplace or even protected.

But I can’t help but wonder how much time and money is wasted on litigation. I shudder when I think about the innovations that never came to fruition because the Nikola Teslas of the modern age were smitten before ever reaching apex.

How much better off would the world be if ideas were to be shared and not coveted? Where these laws shouldbe is a hard point to peg because I won’t presume to tell you what to do with your greatness.

But I hope a movement like Creative Commons is one of impact if for nothing else than the sake of progress