Many of you who have seen my (very) sporadic blog posts over the years might have noticed that, yes, I’ve had a blog. When I started it, I had a great number of vague but ambitious plans for it. There was just so very much I intended to do. On paper, it sounded like a great idea.

I could say that it fell whole into disuse because there was just a lot on my plate. There would be a modicum of truth to the statement. But if I were to be honest with myself, I lacked direction, I lacked ideas, I lacked inspiration. Sure, there were a handful of themes that caught my eye. Again, on paper, they might have been fun.

However, again, I never pulled the trigger.

As I think about what component of this class has caught my eye, it would be the networking element and the expression that accompanies it. #educ932 and Steven Katz offered a little perspective, and what was opened was a gate of steady inspiration. Resources, innumerable, from twitter, from other blogs, and from the course content itself: we aren’t talking about an anecdote or side note either. I can, at any moment, open one of ten pages and come to a thought worth sharing. There is a sense of permanence to this feeling, at least one greater than before (I struggle to assure myself I’ll never slow down or, *gasp* worse, stop).

So to the question posed, what tool from this masters course on Multimedia and Creative Teaching Techniques is my favorite? I would say the course itself, for the proverbial curtain has been lifted. From behind, a legion of resources, techniques.

There is no end to the potential my newfound PLN has ushered forth.